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2019 Conference - Queens' College, Cambridge

Advanced Accident and Radiation-Tolerant Materials Submit Abstracts and Register NOW

2019 Conference 

Two Day Conference - Queens' College, Cambridge
- 25th & 26th March 2019



This conference intends to bring together scientists and engineers interested in developing materials to improve the cladding and performance of nuclear fuels.

Of specific interest is the deployment of advanced experimental, computational and modelling approaches to develop materials with superior neutronic, and radiation and corrosion resistant properties, which can mitigate the consequences of a severe accident by extending grace periods.

The approaches used will also naturally include advances in materials adapted to operate reliably in increased burn-up or fast neutron situations. 

Scientific sessions will be based around silicon carbide, coated clads, advanced carbide systems, such as MAX phases and includes modelling and experimental approaches.


WELCOME ADDRESS     Professor Lindsay Greer

                                   University of Cambridge, UK

SETTING THE SCENE     Dr Edward Lahoda
                                   Westinghouse Electric Company

SPEAKER    Professor Lance Snead - Stony Brook University, USA
Topic:         Stored Energy In SiC and It’s Relation to Irradiated Microstructure and Off-Normal Events in LWR’s

SPEAKER     Professor Michel Barsoum - Drexel University,  USA
Topic:          Advanced Carbide Materials for Nuclear applications 

SPEAKER     Dr Philipp Frankel - University of Manchester, UK
Topic:          Irradiation tolerance of MaxPhase Materials

SPEAKER      Dr Konstantza Lambrinou SCK-CEN, Belgium
Topic:           Zirconium based MAX phases   

      Professor Michael Finnis - Imperial College,  London, UK
Topic:           Calculation of high-temperature properties of ZrC and MAX phases

SPEAKER      Dr Sam Azadi – University College, London, UK
Topic:           Cleavage Fracture of the Zr-based MAX Phase  

SPEAKER      Dr Simon Middleburgh - Bangor University, UK
Topic:           Mechanistic understanding of accident tolerant  fuel candidate materials: accelerating research, development and licensing

SPEAKER      Professor Lumin Wang - University of Michigan, USA
Topic:           Composition Control of Radiation Tolerance: A Systematic Study of Single Phase - and Single-Crystalline Concentrated Alloys

SPEAKER      Professor Ted Besman - University of South Carolina, USA
Topic:          Silicide Fuel-Cladding Accident Tolerant Fuel  Systems: High Temperature Properties and Behaviour

SPEAKER      Professor Jingynag Wang - Shenyang
Topic:           Design and fabrication of integrated carbides for accident tolerant zircaloy fuel cladding

SPEAKER       Dr Tong Liu - China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute, Shenzen 
Topic:            The Research on Classing Candidates for Accident Tolerant Fuel

Further Contributed Talks Include:

                 Dr Eugenio Zapatas-Solvas - University College, London, UK
                 Dr Stéphane Cachat  - Framatome Limited     

                 Professor Ian Farnan  -  University of Cambridge




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