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Science Festival 2018 - Report and Photos

Saturday 17th March

Nuclear PhD Students from Imperial, Cambridge and Open Universities had some hands-on experience in public engagement over the weekend of 17/18 March at the Cambridge Science Festival. Students from Cohort 3 organised a room full of activities for the visitors, including particle-watching with cloud and spark chambers borrowed from the Cavendish Lab, a 'make your own nuclear fuel pellet' fuel fabrication station, and a Geiger counter radiation detection challenge.

Students also set up two Post-It Note boards asking the question "What words do you associate with nuclear energy?" at the entrance and exit of the exhibit and, after a busy day, it was very interesting seeing some of the responses! 

Word Clouds - on arrival, visitors were asked to note one word they thought might describe nuclear energy.......

 Word Cloud BEFORE

and then asked to note a word on departure, following their time with our PhD students.......

Word Cloud AFTER


Mitchell-Armstrong Photography