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Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre

A cross-discipline collaboration

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The collaboration between Imperial College in London, University of Cambridge and the Open University (ICO) for doctoral training in nuclear energy will provide students with a world-class background in nuclear technology with funding from EPSRC and industrial partners.

For more information about the ICO Centre for Doctoral Training in Nuclear Energy please click here

Congratulations to PhD student Syed Bahauddin Alam who has won a Student Travel Award and a Best Student Poster Award for his paper "Lattice Design and Coolant Selection for a 333 MWth PWR Civil Marine Propulsion Core using Thorium-Based Checkerboard Micro-Heterogeneous Fuel" presented at the 2016 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2016) in San Francisco.

NASA Award to Peter Husemeyer

Congratulations to Pete Husemeyer, a PhD student in Nuclear Engineering, who is part of a three-man team who have won the 2015 NASA Group Achievement Award. This prestigious NASA certificate is awarded to any combination of Government and/or non-Government individuals for an outstanding group accomplishment that has contributed substantially to NASA's mission. The certificate was signed and handed out by Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden, the head of NASA. Pete and colleagues Wesley Deason (Center for Space Nuclear Research) and Michael Eades (Ohio State University) won the award for their project SCCTE (Space Capable Cryogenic Thermal Engine) – pronounced Scotty - a nuclear thermal rocket design based around a Low-Enriched Uranium (LEU) design fission reactor.

ICO CDT Cohort 1 to Romania

The 2014/2015 ICO CDT cohort visited Romania to witness a pulse at the TRIGA ACPR core from ICN Pitesti. Everyone agreed it was an amazing experience. Click below for a link to Dropbox to view the video.


Mining for uranium

Nuclear scientists of the future took the opportunity to try their hand at uranium mining at the ICO CDT nuclear energy exhibit as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.